Know Your Force

Providing community feedback by SMS and QR Code Scans

Know Your Force (KYF) is a Utah-based software development company whose mission is to bridge the gap between communities and their police forces through gathering citizen feedback after EVERY interaction.

We do this in two ways:

  1. After a citizen contacts dispatch, KYF promptly sends an SMS to the citizen containing a link to the KYF survey.
  2. Following any face-to-face interaction, the officer provides the citizen with an asset with a KYF QR code linking to the KYF survey. QR code, linking to the KYF survey.

KYF was founded in 2020 and created a community engagement platform for any type of Law Enforcement agency to gather citizen feedback and make informed decisions.

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Step 1

Choose evidence-based survey template

Choose or customize a survey template, and select internal champion to monitor feedback.


Under $100/Officer/year

Step 2

Collect & monitor community feedback

officer interaction
QR code handoff

Interaction with officer

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QR code links to survey



text feedback

Interaction with dispatcher

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Text links to survey



feedback app

Citizen completes survey


monitor feedback

Monitor feedback & Share data using community Dashboard


Step 3

Create and enhance community trust

Amplify your agency’s current efforts using data-backed decisions.

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Community Feedback at Every Interaction

Know Your Force SMS

What it is: a text message feature focused on gathering feedback for the dispatcher. This feature ties in with an agency's CAD/RMS to deliver a mobile friendly survey.

KYF has a text message feature specifically focused on gathering feedback for the dispatcher handling the call for service and for incidents that generate a report or incident number. A scraping tool pulls specified information fields from an agency's CAD/RMS system for each incident, including the name/ID of the dispatcher who took the call, the associated call for service/incident ID, the name of the individual who called, and the individual's associated phone number. This information is sent to KYF in a reoccurring report, which is used to send a text message with a hyperlink to a web-based survey to the caller through Twilio.

Message Example

Know Your Force QR Code Scans

What it is:KYF provides business cards with QR codes directing individuals to a short, mobile-friendly survey that can be tied back to a specific incident associated with a specific officer.

KYF has a QR code survey focuses on gathering feedback at the officer level. QR codes are unique to each officer. Because the QR code is date and time stamped, survey responses can be tied back to specific incidents associated with certain officers. Agencies may also choose to create a general QR code to gather broad feedback across their department. KYF allows agencies to choose from a variety of mediums on which they can print the QR codes, including business cards, resource papers, and citation tickets. For both the text message and QR code surveys, KYF has introduced dependent questions that are made visible based on how the respondent answers a controlling question.

For example, if a respondent were to give a 1- or 2-star rating, an agency can configure the survey to allow for a follow-up question about the officer or incident. Agencies also can customize the webpages individuals are directed to after completing a survey. For example, if a respondent were to give 5-star ratings, they may be directed to an agency's Facebook page, while a respondent who gives 2-star ratings may be directed to an agency's webpage with resources to voice their concerns.

Message Example

A Landscape Report on Measuring Community Sentiment and Perceptions of Safety and Law Enforcement Performance

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