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Collect community sentiment from EVERY police interaction via SMS and QR code scans.

We work with agencies across the United States

Carthage PD
Orem PD
Utah County Sheriff's Office
Southgate PD
Alliance Nebraska PD
Dr. Cedric Alexander
Know Your Force helps align departments and agencies with 21st century policing. This is the future of policing.

- Dr. Cedric Alexander, former Police Chief of Rochester, NY & Presidential 21st Century Policing Task Force member

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Efficacy of
On-The-Stop surveys

On-the-Stop surveys increase citizen feedback rates by 52x-from an average of nine per year to two per day

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Get Real Time Feedback and Quantify Department Data

“Officer was very kind, respectful, and professional. I was nervous, and he could see it, and he tried to make it a comfortable environment for me.”

“Buena forma al explicar el motivo de mi detencion.”

“I was shown courtesy and grace, even though I was clearly in the wrong.”

“I have severe anxiety and as a result I was scared and shook up. This was my first accident since I was 16, and all the officers on site were very friend and helpful, they put mind at ease. Thank you!”

How Does KYF Work?

Under $100/Officer/year

Collect & monitor community feedback

officer interaction
QR code handoff

Interaction with officer

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QR code links to survey



text feedback

Interaction with dispatcher

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Text links to survey



feedback app

Citizen completes survey


monitor feedback

Monitor feedback & Share data using community Dashboard


We value partnering with Law Enforcement and work hard to ensure every agency is set up for success. We focus on effective implementation and helping to build a foundation for community-oriented policing initiatives while being cost-effective!

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