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What is an E.W.D.S?

An Early Warning Detection System allows departments to catch early warning signs of problematic behavior before they become a problem. Through specific benchmarks, our analytics help administrators see when an officer needs additional training (and why).

Benefits for Citizens:

Be heard

A safe place to voice comments or concerns

Engaged police departments

Police Departments that are hyper focused on their communities needs

Ease of use

Much easier than filing a report through the Police Department directly


Fosters stronger relationships due to two-way communication

Benefits for Police Departments:


Ability to train to the specific needs your community voices

Problem detection

Early indicators of “red flag behaviors” that can be corrected appropriately

Better PR

Guides citizens feedback away from social media


Creates a behavioral history log of each officer in your department over time


Help with budgeting requests

Our process is quick and efficient for both citizens and officers. Our goal is to bridge the gap in communication. We do that by providing citizens with an avenue (outside of social media) to provide feedback, while also providing a lead-measure for officers to know how they are doing and where they can improve.

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How Does KYF Work?

Step 1:
Officer Responds To Service Call / Initiates Traffic Stop

Nothing changes here. Officer will continue to do their job; business as usual.

Step 2:
Officer Provides Citizen With QR Code & Call/Case ID

The call or incident ID will allow the feedback to be tied to the specific incident. Officers will inform citizens that they will be able to provide feedback on today’s interaction.

Step 3:
Citizen Provides Rating And Feedback

Upon scanning the QR code, citizens will be able to rate on a scale of 1-5 their experience with the officer. They’ll also be able to provide direct feedback on why they chose the rating they did.

Step 4:
Department Analyzes Feedback Data

The admin user will be able to analyze feedback and implement solutions. Solutions can vary from additional training, to rewarding officers with consistently positive feedback. Data can be stored as a history log, to pull from when necessary.


We strive to improve customer experience during an officer/citizen interaction. You wouldn’t dine at a restaurant that had terrible service, or stay at a hotel with 0 stars. It shouldn’t be any different with your local police department. If an Officer is consistently ranking low, and receiving negative feedback - a change needs to be made. Know Your Force makes it possible for departments to recognize what changes to be made, and when.

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What is KYF?

Know Your Force is an E.W.D.S. We’re focused on solving real problems through modern technology. Our mission, specifically, is to bridge the gap in communication and transparency. The word “Force” in our name, is replaceable with any number of other words. Know Your Team. Know Your Teacher. Know Your Doctor. Etc. If excellence is what you strive for, Know Your Force has a solution.



At KYF we have a passion for creating healthier and more transparent ecosystems. During 2020, the most immediate need we saw was in rebuilding the relationship between police and community. In order to affect change within communities, we must first understand how those communities feel and what they need. As we built technology to solve this problem, it became apparent that this same methodology was transferable to almost any other team or industry.

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We’ve built a process that allows for direct feedback and analytics to diagnose where problems occur during an interaction between one person and another. Through a simple QR code, the person who scans the code is brought to a branded landing page. Here, they might be presented with information, statistics, a video, resources, or a survey. This simple process allows people to feel heard, and helps set the foundation for improvements.


Start Today

Our biggest goal is to see agencies across the country utilizing an E.W.D.S in their day to day activity. We don’t care if it’s our tool or another company's tool as long as it is being leveraged RIGHT NOW! If you would like to see the department in your city utilizing something like this, click here, and follow the instructions. If you are a member of a department that wants to get started with something TODAY, click here, and we will get in touch with you to help you figure out how. Whether it be through a google form, hand written survey, or anything else... We just want police using this NOW.

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Community Policing

Community policing is defined by the U.S. Department of Justice as a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. Know Your Force helps to promote and strengthen these partnerships between community and Police Following the lead of sir edward peel - The community police the police and police prevent crime.. We agree with this old Philosophy and see that in the progressive agencies we are working with.