Your Community. Your Voice

Bridge the gap in communication


First, receive a business card from the officer with a unique QR code. Scan the QR code using your phone.


Second, fill out the survey. Provide your rating and leave a comment before submitting.


Third, review and analyze your feedback. Easily sort through your ratings and comments.


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What is KYF?

Know Your Force is a company focused on solving real world issues using modern technology. Our focus, specifically, is on bridging the gap in communication and transparency. The word “Force” in our name, is replaceable with any number of other words. Know Your Team. Know Your Teacher. Know Your Doctor. Etc.



At KYF we have a passion for creating healthier and more transparent ecosystems. During 2020, the most immediate need we saw was in rebuilding the relationship between police and community. In order to affect change within communities, we must first understand how those communities feel and what they need. As we built technology to solve this problem, it became apparent that this same methodology was transferable to almost any other team or industry.

Computer with code


We’ve built a process that allows for direct feedback and analytics to diagnose where problems occur during an interaction between one person and another. Through a simple QR code, the person who scans the code is brought to a branded landing page. Here, they might be presented with information, statistics, a video, resources, or a survey. This simple process allows people to feel heard, and helps set the foundation for improvements.