Our Team

Meet the KYF Team

  • Scott Lowry

    Scott Lowry


    The friends and family I know working in law enforcement truly better their communities. Thank you for your service!

    I started KYF to get officer training statistics out to the public. It quickly became a platform and mechanism for any type of agency to easily gather feedback or share information with their customer.

    Our intentions are to bridge the gap in communication and first we’ll help in gathering data. Giving local agencies real-time feedback to make informed decisions.

    We look forward to working with your local agency to give your community a voice!

  • Jordan Spencer

    Jordan Spencer


    I joined Know Your Force because I love my country, and I love solving problems. In 2020, a lack of 'middle ground' & an inability to communicate with each other lead to serious societal problems.

    Our platform initially started one-sided. We wanted to show the community how much training their local police department was putting in each year, so that they would feel more comfortable interacting with them. We quickly realized that we needed a two-way platform, where the community could have a voice that mattered.

    Simply put, Know Your Force gives me an opportunity to solve real world problems, through modern technology.

  • Jon Jimenez

    Jon Jimenez


    Today, a new era of policing is possible; one that focuses on the inextricable link between officer and community well-being.

    I have served in a number of different industries across the value chain, including technology, management consulting, and media.

    I am grateful to be a part of the Know Your Force mission to simplify community-oriented policing and design solutions that work for front-line officers.

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