Our Vision

A tool to build trust

  • The vision of Know Your Force is to create a comprehensive and accessible resource that empowers individuals and communities with essential knowledge about their local law enforcement personnel, policies, and practices.

    We started Know Your Force to help any Law Enforcement agency easily gather citizen feedback and share information with their community after every interaction via SMS and QR codes. Once feedback is collected, we present it on our secure backend system for Law Enforcement Admins to review and filter the data. Additionally, we have developed a public-facing widget that allows all communities to view the survey results.

    Our team is dedicated to bridging the gap in communication and empowering agencies to build stronger connections with their communities. We look forward to partnering with you and your agency to ensure that every voice is heard, and together, we can create a safer and more inclusive environment for all.


  • Scott Lowry

    The friends and family I know working in Law Enforcement truly better their communities. - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

    I started KYF to get officer training statistics out to the public. It quickly became a platform and mechanism for any type of Law Enforcement agency to easily gather feedback and share information with their communities via modern - simple technology that is commonly used in the private sector where I have spent the last 10+ years managing SaaS.

    Our intentions are to bridge the gap in communication and since 2020 we have helped Sheriff offices and Police Departments across the nation. We help by allowing them to ask their citizen critical questions after any interaction. We give local agencies real-time feedback to make informed decisions.

    We look forward to working with your local agency to give your community a voice!

  • Cedric Alexander

    Dr. Alexander interviewed Carthage PD to understand how they use Know Your Force’s surveys to enhance their COP initiatives and meet the demands of 21st century policing, and he’s quoted:

    “This is not about finding something wrong.”

    “This is about acknowledging what your guys are doing right.”

    “KYF On-the-Stop surveys streamline the community feedback process for police departments. It gives them immediate access to police-community interactions through their data dashboard.”

Design & Development Partner

  • Bootpack Digital has been KYF's development partner since the beginning. They are a full-service digital agency that specializes in building custom web and mobile apps.

    For more info about Bootpack Digital, visit their website at bootpackdigital.com.

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